The way people work today is extremely changing. The Computer Shop could help you change your workforce to meet that change and improve your entire work productivity. With the advancement of technology and the accessibility of raised bandwidth, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems are now reasonable, simple to use and integrated with different systems you might presently be using.

With most organizations shifting to the “work from home” approach, a VOIP system might be worth exploring for the administration and ease of use for remote workforces. You can prefer to integrate desktop phones, integrate with a mobile phone for a stable experience, or directly answer from your computer.


Get Comprehensive VOIP Phone Solutions from The Computer Shop!

Apart from voice calls, you can also receive online meetings, team messaging, SMS, and innovative call management features, which could help your company communicate better. More than just a substitute for standard landlines, The Computer Shop provides a complete cloud communications platform.

Hassle-free setup

No complex installations are required. The Computer Shop can be configured easily based on your company’s communication needs. Have a virtual phone service up and running in just a day or less! Awesome, right?

Intended for businesses

The modern VoIP system not just offers unlimited and dependable telephone solutions. It also offers features such as SMS, video conferencing, caller ID, and faxing to help your business communicate better.

Flexible and mobile VoIP system

One of the best parts about our IP-based virtual phone service is that it leverages the internet by allowing you to make calls, send and receive SMS and fax from anywhere, or host and join conferences.

Customer support

From execution to technical help, The Computer Shop stands by your organization with our top-notch customer support team. This is not only for technical issues—your company can depend on us for best-practice recommendations, and consultations too!

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Our experts are always ready to customize our VoIP phone solutions to fit the needs of your company! Call us today to request a free consultation!