For years a popular and strong approach to network security has been a layered approach. Multiple layers of security are implemented and need to be worked through before getting to critical data. There are many names for this defense. Our favorite is the “Castle Approach”.

Like a medieval castle, many layers of security are implemented to protect critical data. Invading troops need to first breech the outer wall of the castle, defeat the guards and finally take the center keep or the center of the castle. Once the keep is taken the castle falls.

A scalable IT solution for the security and operation needs of small business

Here is how our Cyber-Fortress works.

We start with the Cyber-Curtain, a firewall solution that defends the network from outside attacks. The firewall filters all traffic going in and out of the network. This protects all devices including phones, tablets and computers from attack. All traffic is inspected for threats coming in and out of the network.

The second part of the defense is our Cyber-Watch. Specialized software is installed on all computers that monitors patch management, software updates and makes sure Anti-virus is updated and working. This is probably the most critical piece to network management and is many times where we start building the Cyber-Fortress.

The final defense of the Cyber-Fortress is the Cyber-Keep. This is the vault in the center of the castle where the final stand is made. This is where backups come into play. With our Cyber-Keep service, data is backed up on-site to a small appliance and then synchronized with our private cloud. If the network is breached, this is the final stand. Cyber-keep also aids in a faster restore.

These products can work individually to strengthen a companies network security and reliability. They are a proactive approach and prevent problems before they occur. Topped with our help desk services and experienced technicians, your Cyber-Fortress will be almost impossible to compromise.

Our Cyber-Fortress offerings are scalable. Items can easily be added or removed. Since our Cyber-fortress products are a true managed service, cost can easily be projected with no surprise of unexpected bills. Hardware costs are included in the monthly plan making a higher level of security available for all small businesses.

With Cyber-watch we also include Help Desk services. Giving employees a direct number to support staff. This helps keep companies moving and eliminates the cost of downtime. On top of all this, our Cyber-Fortress customers are given the highest priority, with our Service Level Agreement you are guaranteed our 100% focus.

Take a minute to read more detailed information on these services then give us a call. We will sit down at no cost and discuss Cyber-Fortress and start planning yours.