We offer a service plan to fit any budget

3d rendering of workspace with virus alert.

8-Point Optimization

We cover 8 different areas of security, removing all kinds of viruses/malware while securing your computer.

Data Backup

Ready to upgrade your computer but, you have important files or photos on the old hard drive. We can backup your data to an external device or transfer it to your new machine.

Computer Diagnostics

PC Repair and Upgrades

Computer was knocked off the desk or booted up with a blue screen. We can provide cost effective repairs that won't feel like you have to sell an arm or a leg.

Network Support

Network Support

Or network technicians can troubleshoot and advise on any network, no matter how big or small.

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Remote Support

Having difficulty with a program or installing software, but don't have time to drop the machine off at our shop or wait for an on-site. Our friendly staff can assist you via remotely.

On-Site Services

Our team of knowledgeable technicians can help you on-site at your residence or office-space. Schedule today!

"Amazing to work with. Great experience and knowledgeable. Provides exactly the support we need for our small business."
Crystal Del Valle
Business Customer.
“My laptop wouldn’t boot up at all. I took it to The Computer Shop for help. On the way home, I got a call that already had it running again - so I could backup my files. They replaced my failing hard drive and saved all my data. Terrific service - Great people - Definitely worth every penny!"
Ruby Daniels
Residential Customer.
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