Introducing Cyber Keep! This is our backup solution and the safest part of a castle. It serves as the last defense!

The Computer Shop brings you the Cyber Keep, one of the Cyber-Fortress Series that keep your sensitive data safe and secure. There is no way for you not to stay up to date with the latest in cyber threats and defense from different vulnerabilities through this comprehensive backup solution.

Cyber-keep is a cloud based backup solution.  It is part of the Cyber-fortress.

Stay Current

The IT landscape is always dynamic and rapidly evolves. But, The Computer Shop is here to help through the Cyber Keep. So, rest assured that you will stay current with the best practices, resources, and insights. In return, you can keep yourself productive or your business flow seamlessly.

Get all the Levels of Protection and Recovery You Need!

Through our dependable on-premise data backups alongside recovery services, full-system data and images are securely saved. Our solution also comes with immediate on-local recovery capabilities.

You can also take advantage of our additional offsite backups so that your cloud platforms will have an extra layer of protection. We ensure that all backups are verified regularly.

Minimize Downtime

We seriously follow the 3-2-1 disaster recovery rule. This means we maintain copies of the data in the cloud, on-site, and even in data centers. As a result, all critical information is well-insulated. We also make your data readily available for recovery, ensuring minimized downtime.

Once you take advantage of our Cyber Keep, you have nothing to worry about unexpected IT issues. We will equip your home or business with all levels of recovery and protection it needs.

Fully Managed Backup Solution

If you want all of your IT needs to get covered in a single solution, our fully managed services are a perfect option. Our team of IT experts will design, test, store, assist, and monitor every aspect of your data backup needs.

Cyber Keep protects you from intentional or accidental deletion, and your data is ready for storage when needed. What’s more, it prevents unauthorized software, applications, or access so that your data and system are protected against vulnerabilities.

If you are interested in any of our Cyber-Fortress Series solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today. We ensure that achieving complete security and protection is quick and easy without breaking the bank.