Data theft and cyber-attacks affect organizations of all sizes. Not only that, most companies get overwhelmed with the ever-changing product IT and threat landscape.

Fortunately, The Computer Shop created the Cyber-Watch that serves as agents and software used to monitor computers and equipment. It is part of the Cyber-Fortress Series that gives you peace of mind while using your device and share and receive critical data.

Managed service offered by the computer shop to remotely manage network systems.  Patch management Anti-virus

Never Take Risk if Security is Involved

How sure are you that your device plugged into the network outlet or connected to your Wi-Fi is safe? When it comes to security, never assume that everything is working well and secure unless you have Cyber-Watch by your side.

We ensure that our agents and software will not take too much processing power and memory. Plus, the software’s capabilities are not limited.

If you are not yet using Cyber-Watch, never assume that your software is perfectly secure and bug-free. Once a threat takes place through a machine with a software agent, detecting that threat is very easy for the agent.

Monitor All Traffic with Ease

If monitoring all the traffic flow over your effort is not your expertise, let our Cyber-Watch solve your problem. It expertly observes any devices on your network. We will provide you with a network’s pervasive view while delivering the whole picture. We ensure that we will do it all passively without any negative impact to your computers at home or business.

Remember that cyber threats are just around the corner, so ensure to have Cyber-Watch by your side. Our solution ensures that you continue obtaining the productivity and security you deserve.

If you are interested in any of our Cyber-Fortress Series solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today. We ensure that achieving complete security and protection is quick and easy without breaking the bank.