Never be confident about your data and system security unless The Computer Shop is your cyber security partner. We ensure that your firewalls deliver the protection you can always count on.

We proudly introduce to you the Cyber-Curtain, our top-notch quality firewall IDS/IPS solution. The name comes from the term “Curtain Wall,” which refers to the wall around a fortress. So, you can expect a robust and reliable defense against all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Cyber-Curtain Next Generation Firewall for Small Business

Comprehensive Firewall IDS/IPS Solution for Complete Peace of Mind

Cyber-Curtain is a member of our Cyber-Fortress Series that gives you peace of mind with regard to data and system operations. This solution is comprehensive and reliable, from configuration changes to essential patches to upgrades.

The IDS/IPS network infrastructures compare packets to a cyber threat database that contains cyberattacks’ known signature. Then, it flags smatching packets. We keep IDS/IPS updated and ready to make the necessary adjustments once a new attack breaks out.

Combined Functionality in a Single Unit

We will integrate the latest IPS systems with firewalls to build the technology called “Unified Threat Management.” It combines the functionality of IDS and IPS systems into a single unit.

While IPS catches dangerous packets and drops them before reaching the targets and ensures that the databases are updated regularly with new threat data, IDS does its job of detecting and monitoring the network traffic for signs of cyberthreat.

Complete Turnkey Solution

When it comes to Firewall management, it is critical to determine what access is or is not allowed throughout the network infrastructure. Don’t worry; we will conduct a comprehensive packet-filtering devices review to obtain the necessary assurance.

With Cyber-Curtain, you can keep your data, hardware, and employees safe and protected against unwanted attacks. We designed this firewall IDS/IPS solution to provide a complete turnkey that ensures that your operational security is not compromised.

Below are the highlights of Cyber-Curtain:

  • An automated approach to ensure complete protection;
  • Configure to minimize or prevent actionable events that allow our IT team to focus on the immediate threats;
  • Configure for optimum network visibility that helps our IT team see what runs on your networks and determine the vulnerabilities and threats.

If you are interested in any of our Cyber-Fortress Series solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today. We ensure that achieving complete security and protection is quick and easy without breaking the bank.